The Billionaire’s Pony Slave

The Billionaire’s Pony Slave
by: Mark Andrews

cover image

NOTE: This review was originally posted back in February as a video review; I have since rethought my review structure, and will now present it in written form to keep it in line with my other reviews. On to the review!

As a writer myself, when I set out to write on a topic, say, ponygirls for instance, that’s what I write about.  It may take a bit for the build up, or I may jump right in, but you can bet that it’ll be about ponygirls.  This story, “The Billionaire’s Pony Slave”, has a cover that promises a ponygirl, though the synopsis was a bit…off?

Billionaire Pony Blurb

Now, my major problem with this book is the simple fact that the cover image and title completely and utterly LIED to me.  It’s not often I feel absolutely betrayed by a book, but damn it, this one sure succeeded where so many have thankfully failed.  With a title like ‘The Billionaire’s Pony Slave’, you would expect some pony play, right?  Then again, I suppose I should have been suspicious when the blurb was only a couple of sentences, and there was only mention of Male Dom with a female, nothing else on its category listings.  But…it had achieved a very high sales level, and, while it was only a single rating, the rating listed it as ‘Great, 5/5’.  Maybe it wasn’t bad, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Fuck no, this was a waste of time!  There was almost NO ponyplay in the book, and, in fact, over half of this very short book consisted of one long, drawn out medical exam that I didn’t find the least bit arousing; in fact, I found it more creepy than anything.  That’s right, according to my Kindle, this medical exam consumed approximately 56% of the book.  That’s just unacceptable.  Worse, after that, the, well, I’ll call her the POV character, because that’s basically all she’s good for, not really providing any sort of real human reactions to anything that happens to her during this exam or having any normal emotions or anything, NEVER BECOMES INVOLVED IN ANY PONYPLAY AT ALL.  She sees it in action for a short chapter or two, but after the medical exam taking up over half the book, the rest of it she spends in some kind of fucked up slave relationship with her super rich boss, who has dozens of slaves apparently, all super-fit and hairless below their heads, because he’s some kind of entitled, elitist who thinks he compares to the ancient Romans or some such garbage, while she lusts after a co-worker that she suddenly decided to fall in love with during the exam.

What ponyplay we do see is the POV woman’s boss getting carried around by, no, sorry, “riding”, one of his pony slaves, and taking the POV and her man, er, lust object, to his stables, where they view his collection of human ponies getting put through their paces; they also get to see another slave being ‘suited’ up as a ponyboy to start his training properly, and that’s pretty much it.  On the upside of things, the hoof boots as described were fairly interesting, a custom-fitted boot with tight latex coming up to the knee that is colored to seamlessly blend from knee to hoof.  I kinda like that idea; you get a cookie for something kinda good there.

What just struck me as wrong, though, was the author’s idea of how the ponies pull the carts, usually in a pair consisting of one male and one female.  The men have a plug up their asses and a cuff around their junk that’s connected to a bar between their legs, while the women have a pair of dildos inserted into them that are attached to the bar.  They aren’t actually attached via a harness; the rich boss asshole expects and trains them to have incredible strength in their muscles that will allow them to hold firmly to the intruders, and thus support and move the cart.  He tries to explain it as making sense, with the muscle control and the fact that the dildos curve and ‘grasp’ the insides like a clamp (ouch) or in the male’s case, the cuff has him held firmly, but I didn’t buy it, and I’ve never seen it on the net anywhere, so I’m calling bullshit until someone can show me differently.  Even more disturbing was the rich asshole’s insistence that all his slaves follow strict enema regimens, getting cleared out after each meal about half a dozen times, done by a special enema device that was apparently a shared resource, meaning that one person used it, then the next one stepped into the stall and used it.  Creepy and unsanitary, because nowhere was there a mention that it was cleaned between uses.

Worse, even though this book was noticeably short, taking me only a couple of hours to finish, and let me tell you, I’m not the quickest reader despite how much I do read, it had to make use of FILLER.  It spaced out passages and used large fonts to headline each chapter, and sometimes, just had large fonts for the hell of it!  Just take a look at this shit:

I’m not going into any more detail on this one for the simple fact that I fucking hated it for wasting my time when I read it, and I don’t feel like dedicating any more of my precious time to it.  It’s pissing me off again…Quite simply, it’s a waste of time for those looking for ponyplay, or anything erotic that could also be considered arousing.  I found the whole thing to be rather stupid and unfocused, and none of the characters were especially likeable, though one or two elements of the bondage mentioned did evoke a slight bit of entertainment, for all of a minute or two.  Avoid this one, plain and simple.  I give this one a 1.5 out of 10; it lost a couple of points because in the end, it’s just a damn dirty liar.  Oh, and by the way, there are currently 2 negative reviews and ratings on there now.  Guess who wrote the second one?

Well, that was one big sack of manure, stay tuned for some better stories…I hope…


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