Pony Girl Slave

Pony Girl Slave Cover

Pony Girl Slave
By: Mark Andrews

…I knew this was going to happen.  Give a guy another chance, and he disappoints me once again.  Curious?  Just take a look at the last pony-play novel by this author I reviewed.  Go on, I’ll wait for you.

I will say this about Pony Girl Slave, though…the main character DOES actually partake in pony-play this time.  It’s boring and leaves me with so many questions, I’m honestly not sure if we’re reading about humans or not, or if the world at large has some really weird laws of reality.  There is a sci-fi element here, so…maybe?  Or it could just be bad writing. *shrug*  Oh, and the cover over there? Totally misleading.  The pony slaves never wear that much clothing.

The story itself focuses on Penny, a track star in sprinting, taking a relaxing bath in her apartment one evening when she sees an odd shimmer of light about herself.  Thinking it odd, but seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she goes about her evening, wondering where her boyfriend is, when the police show up.  She’s arrested for crimes she hasn’t committed, stealing money from her employer, and the next thing she knows, she’s sentenced to 15 years of penal slavery.  Stripped and sent off to the slave farm where she is auctioned off, Penny finds herself purchased by a wealthy farm owner, only he has plans of making a pony girl out of her, given her healthy, athletic body.

It doesn’t take long before things start making me ask questions, the kind of questions that I should not have to ask, and whose answers should be provided somewhere in the text.  There is never an explanation for the reason she was transported to this parallel world, where slavery is legal and anyone who is over the age of 30 and convicted of a crime is executed, while so many youthful and pretty people get sentenced to slavery.  Supposedly it keeps crime down because the punishments are so severe, like forced labor for years on end.  Slaves are less than human, so they’re not granted clothing…not even shoes.  Even the hard labor slaves, like the ones on garbage duty in the city proper, or those working the quarries, are not granted clothing.  The city slaves don’t really even have a place to sleep other than the streets they’re supposed to be cleaning, only a sleeping bag to deal with unpleasant weather.

This brings up several problems right off when you so much as pause to think for…hell, I’ll be generous and say half a second.  So, this world is so orderly due to the strict punishments of slavery that apparently they have no need for weapons, because the populace as a whole is so well behaved.  So well behaved that even when convicted of their crimes and sentenced to slavery there is no resistance on the part of ANYONE we see.  They docilely go to their cells/cages, they strip when told, they do not resist at all, except for Penny, who gets her clothes ripped up and slapped quite hard, then complies docilely.

There are no mentions of the guards being armed with anything more than a whipping cane or flogger, and apparently when they’re taking to a slave processing area there are no armed guards there, because that was never mentioned, and apparently the slaves outnumber the guards by a fairly healthy margin.  I think the term “sheeple” is apt here.  There is a description of what would seem to be a common punishment, seen twice in the book, in which someone is suspended upside down by their ankles and caned severely.  We see it when Penny is first taken to the processing area, and later when someone tries to escape and is ’rounded up’ after a few hours.  It just says he was rounded up by a patrol, not what that patrol consisted of, or how he was subdued.

So it’s my belief that there are really no armed security forces in this world; they’re not mentioned, ever, so…why would anyone submit to this kind treatment?  It’s obviously a very corrupt system, but even corrupt systems have to have some kind of logic to them.  What cultural shift happened to make people so docile?  They never mention being afraid of an oppressive government as one would suspect, and seem quite happy in the world.  Aside from the slavery, it is presented as a mostly normal version of the modern era (well, 1999, but still modern).  If the slaves outnumber the masters, why not rise up and take control, since there are apparently no armed police or military forces?  Am I thinking about this too much?  More than the author did?  Perhaps.

Well, moving on, Penny is eventually bought by a Mr. Gray, who runs a pony ranch of sorts.  It isn’t long before I begin questioning the reality of this book once again, as Gray has ridden in on a gig pulled by two big, strong males, completely naked, not even wearing shoes, as Penny so graciously describes for us.  She is collared to the gig and is told that she will have to run to keep up with the big, well-trained, and constantly erect males.  So she starts off beside them, heady through town, running past cars and being gawked at, and then out of town across farm country, and manages to make the whole run back to Mr. Gray’s ranch without incident, though she is quite exhausted by then.

Now…let me start telling you why none of these people are human, or the world is on completely different set of rules for its reality than our own.

  1. No shoes, no problem! – So, these pony boys have apparently been trained for a long time to perform their runs; they aren’t sweating by the time they reach the farm, but the book did say they stopped for several breaks along the way.  Okay, I can buy that.  However, what I can’t accept is the complete nudity of these people, specifically the lack of shoes.  This is specifically said to take place in modern Melbourne, and it mentions vehicles on the streets passing by them:Mr Gray used his whip again and they got up to a trot. I of course followed suit. Now we were out in the public road and I felt an overwhelming shame to be so naked and exposed to all. I shouldn’t have worried. I now saw I was just one of many. There were motor vehicles there, but free men, if they could afford it, far preferred to be moved in private gigs with naked male (and female) slaves. There were even public conveyances drawn by teams of naked slaves.

    So…okay, maybe the males had been trained for this sort of thing.  But Penny hasn’t.  She is running at a decent clip, across asphalt…or if not asphalt, then maybe dirt and gravel roads, which makes my mental images of her feet even worse, but since the roads were never described, I’m saying it’s normal asphalt.  That shit gets hot, and it’s rough, not something you want to RUN on for a long time.  After the first part of the trip, Penny states that her feet were sore, her muscles more so. But apparently she had no bleeding or anything…

  2. A Long run – So how long was the trip, you ask?  It couldn’t have been but a mile or two, right?  A normal person, who was not trained for distance running, and with no shoes, couldn’t put up with a longer distance than that without some kind of bleeding or something, right?  Well, no, Penny states that the run had to be at least 16 KILOMETERS.  That’s almost 10 MILES for those of us who haven’t adopted the metric system yet.  Ten miles, across city streets, then more rural streets and across farm roads.  It’s never mentioned in the book of course, but I’m assuming that there are slaves that have the duty of clearing all rocks and other small obstructions from the roads.  And keep in mind that Penny has mentioned that she was trained as a sprinter, not as a marathon runner, so long distances, even with short breaks, shouldn’t be something she could do, especially since it wasn’t mentioned that she was ever given anything to drink during this run.  Dehydration? Exhaustion?  Not factors in this world, apparently.
  3. Long and Hard – The first example of the author apparently failing biology forever comes in this section as well, again, unless we’re not dealing with normal humans.  The two pony boys who are pulling the cart along are described as:I couldn’t help but stare at the two of them as they walked off. The one on the left was black; the other white. Both, as I’ve said, were exceptionally well-muscled. Not hugely. They were more athletic than that but it was clear their muscles were strong and they looked magnificent. They had column-like necks and broad shoulders which looked like river boulders. These curved up and around and then in to meet their arms muscles which were very well defined. Both had broad chests that were chiselled in clear relief. Their belly muscles were very prominent too but their stomachs were lean and flat as were their waists. Their thighs were very well muscled and so were their calves.I’ve already said they were fully erect but both had huge cocks that stood straight up their muscly bellies and their testicles dangled down heavily below their roots.And a bit later, Penny gives us this:

    I suppose by now, we had come some sixteen kilometres. I was pretty exhausted. I was a sprint runner, not a marathon competitor. When he had told me I might have difficulty keeping up with his male slaves, I had smiled to myself, supremely confident of my own ability. After the first few kilometres, my naked feet were sore and my muscles very much so. I hadn’t realised how far we would be going or that it would be at such a cracking pace.

    The two males beside me weren’t even sweating however. They cantered along with long loping strides, muscles rippling most provocatively, buttocks rising and falling, clenching and relaxing with each step; thigh muscles cording and bunching; bellies squirming as their bodies moved from side to side, back muscles forming wonderful patterns as their upper bodies moved from side to side.

    And just a bit after that, at the start of chapter 2:

    We drove up a long driveway between imposing old elm trees and then into the front garden of a large mansion. The drive now curved to the left through brilliant green lawns and the two human ponies trotted gently along the freshly raked gravelled drive to stop at the impressive front door.

I hope you can see the problems here.  As the text tells us, after a 16 km marathon, these two pony boys aren’t sweating, and they’ve had erections the whole time…erections, mind you, that stand STRAIGHT UP toward their stomachs!  It’s later told that all male ponies here are expected to keep an erection at all times when they’re being ridden, pulling carts, or otherwise performing ‘pony’ duties.  And, even worse, it’s mentioned that they’re moving at a trot across a GRAVEL-covered driveway; it’s not specified that this is river stones, so I’m assuming normal gravel, the kind that hurts like hell when you walk over it barefoot.  How are these people NOT BLEEDING?!  Or worse?!  Maybe if you’ve done this sort of thing your whole life, sure, but these guys are obviously under 30 (otherwise they’d be executed), and were at least over 18 when they were enslaved, as child slavery isn’t something that was mentioned here, so that means they’ve only been at this a few years.  MAYBE they’ve adapted, but Penny has not; she’s been at this a few hours at the most.  Why are her feet not bleeding?  Why is she not crippled with pain?  Why are there no doctors at the farm waiting for her?

Well, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the next part of the story, the actual pony training.  For the most part, this book is boring.  Her pony training is all about building speed and muscle for racing, not the normal erotic style of pony training I went in expecting.  They’re treated very much like normal horses, kept in stalls, allowed to mingle in a paddock while not being trained, eating from troughs, that kind of thing, and all the while with no guards in sight.  The training mostly consists of running while pulling a cart, or strength training with a group of 20 pulling massively heavy carts around a track.  Very boring overall.

This is also where Penny meets Jason, a black pony slave, who she immediately falls in love with.  No, seriously, she declares that he’s the love her her life after knowing him for all of three days.  They’re both newcomers to the ranch, he for stealing fast cars, apparently.  They hit it off, and are soon paired up for cart pulling, and for dancing.  Oh yes, not only do these ponies do pony things, but they dance too!  Erotic ballet performances, choreographed by their trainer for the pleasure of their owners and their guests.  The descriptions of the dance training just make me laugh:

But then came the dance steps. Lewd? You’d better believe it. We first had to walk around the tutor, thrusting our loins forward with every step in a parody of sexual intercourse. She made sure that we clenched our buttocks as tightly as we could. The males had to ensure their rigid cocks thrust up hard and long and that their belly muscles were erotically displayed.

We all had to keep our hands up behind our heads with our elbows well back as this displayed our chests and breasts better. With us girls, she showed us how to open our vaginal lips as we took each step, making them appear as if eager to take one of the boys’ dicks inside – hell, that wasn’t hard. I longed to have Jason’s beautiful weapon inside me and when I looked at Peter’s, I wouldn’t have minded it either. Of course I didn’t love him but I was fast learning that my feelings had nothing to do with what I had to do there. If she had ordered Peter to make love to me, we would both have done it without question.

And so for the next half hour we moved around the room, the boys thrusting their cocks hard, us two girls opening and pulsing our labia as if we were whores eager to take our client to bed.

I don’t know…it doesn’t get any better, and the way the author describes the performances, it’s just…not arousing at all.  I’ve never read descriptions such as this before, especially when it comes to vaginal control the women are supposed to master.  It’s described the same way later on when the girls are given some aphrodisiac-laced oils for their bodies:

For as I looked down at my own sex, I noticed the vaginal lips were now aroused and pulsing, opening and closing quite openly and without any intervention on my part.

It’s even worse for the men:

But when I looked at the three males, I laughed outright. It must have some of the aphrodisiac in it, I thought, for all three were now sporting massive hard-ons. Bigger even than when Jason made the most ardent love to me. All three were quite enormous, the skin gleaming from the stretching, the heads throbbing slightly.

Rory had given each of them a small phial containing the oil and each had to pour a small quantity into his hand and rub more into his cock and his balls as well – even they seemed to be affected by the stuff, looking bigger and filling the scrotal sacs to capacity.

And a bit later:

And since Jason and the other two now sported dicks that were artificially expanded and lengthened to at least one and a quarter times their normal erect state made the comments even more personal.

I’m sorry, but what’s the point of this?  Okay, I get that you’d want your slaves looking hot and horny all the time, fine…but these aren’t pleasure slaves.  Their primary purpose is racing and competition; wouldn’t a massive hard-on impede running ability?  Wouldn’t it be harder to focus if your body is desperate for sex?  The oil scene above comes just before a race, mind you.  And am I the only one who thinks the descriptions of the vagina opening and closing sounds disgustingly more like a sucker on a squid?  I should not be having this much trouble reading an erotic novel; even erotica should make sense, people!

I need to wrap this up before I go crazy…okay, so, the big drama in the book is the forbidden love between Penny and Jason, a black guy, as the book mentions many times.  The pony slaves are not allowed to get sexual with each other under threat of the males being castrated (balls and cocks lopped off), while the females have their vaginas sewn shut.  Lovely… Anyway, they get to fuck each other quite a bit during their erotic dance shows, so it’s not that bad for them.  Penny loves him, and she’s starting to love her slavery.

Eventually she and the others are put into some races, she and Jason win, they get a night alone together as a reward.  After a few months, Penny starts getting worried about losing Jason, because apparently many of those people who are transported to this world are transported back without warning, usually after six months to a year.  Sure enough, after about nine months, Penny is suddenly whisked away back home, where she has to try and get her life back together.  She takes a job as an athletic trainer, and pines for Jason.

And, wouldn’t you know it, even though NOBODY in either world has any knowledge of people getting transported from slave land to our world…Jason is transported to our world so he and Penny get a happy ending, going into business for themselves as athletic trainers who favor training in the nude; I guess they have some retreat fairly far out of the way, because eventually ALL of their students are running around naked.

I’m so glad I’m finished with this book…I kept waiting for something to happen, but it was overall extremely boring and made me ask so many questions I shouldn’t have to ask in an erotic work like this.  So much was left unexplained about the world and the magical transport thing; even a casual mention would have helped matters.  Then there were the anatomical and seemingly warped-reality questions that came up.  I will give it this, though…unlike ‘The Billionaire’s Pony Slave‘, this book did have pony play in it that was actually experienced by the main character, and that started fairly early on, not over halfway through.  But that still doesn’t change the fact that this was a huge disappointment to read. I felt relieved that it finally ended, not happy that I’d spent so much time reading the thing.

Probably the biggest disappointment for me was the very noticeable lack of bondage and pony gear in this story.  The bondage is very tame, consisting mainly of handcuffs and shackles, and then when Penny is attached to a cart, she puts her arms behind her so that the bar is resting between her back and elbows, and her hands are cuffed in front of her.  That’s it.  No other bondage.  And no pony gear at all, really. The slaves are naked all the time, but there was one instance where Penny mentioned having a bit in her mouth…the only thing is, this was never mentioned before or after as part of her racing gear when she’s attached to the carts.  She mentions the cuffs each time she’s secured to one, but nothing else, and suddenly, bam, you see this line after she wins the race:

Then we across the line and I felt the reins tug slightly at the bit in my mouth.

Nowhere before were reins mentioned being attached to bits in their mouths, and I’m pretty sure when she and Jason were hooked up together, they were never guided with reins.  Penny didn’t even mention the bit being inserted, or unusual, when she was getting hooked up for the race.  So yeah, I’m not really sure what they were hooked up with besides the cuffs and the bar resting on their elbows; the descriptions were garbage, and the bondage was boring or nonexistent.

Final verdict, avoid this book, and as far as I’m concerned, avoid the author as well; I know I’m not going back after two disappointments.  I give this one a 3 / 10; boring, and with far too many things to question for anyone who tries that thing known as thinking.  And when I hear something along the lines of ‘pony slave’, I want to at least see some pony-like behavior training, proper walking or neighing or something along those lines.  At least it was a step up from that other book…


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